Free Spinal Health Lecture

Thursday, February 18, 2016 @ 7:00pmIMG_0435(1)

Come Join us for a discussion on spinal health and whole body wellness held by the newest member of our practice, Dr. Anthony Shapiro. Learn about the importance of optimal spinal health and its effects on the entire body.

Topics to be covered in the lecture are: the detrimental effects of vertebral subluxation, the significance of the chiropractic adjustment, proper posture/spine positioning, work place ergonomics, and at home spinal care techniques.

Please call our office to RSVP!!! (626) 792-6133

Walk With The Doc

Saturday, February 6th & 20th,  2016 @ 6:30am12011320_973619682681736_1317822788128374211_n

Dr. George Shapiro believes it’s important to embody what you teach. Regular movement keeps movement in the spine, walking is the best and easiest way to support your regular chiropractic adjustments and maintain fluidity in the spine and its curves. The Doctor gets up early each morning and walks for his own wellness. In recognition of the power of a group, people gather at the office before it opens, every other Saturday morning to walk 2-3 miles and watch the sunrise!

Patient Appreciation Night

April 2, 2016 @ 11:30 am – 3:30 pm167570_175758489134530_2366030_n

In honor of Dr. Anthony Shapiro joining the practice, we will be hosting a taco truck, patient appreciation day. Please RSVP here to ensure there is adequate food available. We look forward to celebrating with you!

The core of Cornerstone is our patients, the belief that a personal and committed interest in the life and wellness of the people we serve. We know that it is your commitment to health and willingness to share us as your resource for it that helps build the family we call Cornerstone Chiropractic.  A couple times a year we like to cook you dinner and say thank you.


Yoga On The Lawn

Starting again in spring on Saturday mornings at sunrise

Flexibility is important in maintain10635716_801243273252712_129340128855293220_ning the health of your spine. Yoga builds flexibility, balance, and strength, we here at Cornerstone believe in the power of yoga to support the health of the spine. This is a donation basis program we offer to support the wellness of our patient family.

Business Mixer

Starting again in spring on Thursday NightsIMG_1037

Cornerstone Chiropractic supports the wellness and development of all aspects of our patient family.  An integral part of holistic wellness is financial or business wellness. One of the things that we love about our patients is the wide variety of interesting things you all do with your lives. Our Business Mixers are presented as a forum to introduce our wonderful patients to each other so they can share the many resources and interests they hold and support the expansion of your businesses and projects.

If you would like to attend we ask that you RSVP at the link that will be listed below, including your business or the resource you would like to offer. Bring business cards to share and be ready to meet some wonderful people. We look forward to networking with you!

Have an idea for an event that you think would be great for us? Email us your thoughts and ideas so we can partner with you soon!