IMG_0976Dr. George Shapiro has a deep love of man’s best friend, a passion for their health and multiple certifications in animal chiropractic. He offers this service to the furry members of our clients families.

Dogs play hard, just like the two legged members of the family, their spines can shift when they take a tumble or tackle each other.  Unfortunately they lack the language to tell you what the problem is.  As a general IMG_1008rule, most people assume that our pets are getting older or may have some sort of hip problem that is to be expected. What we see at Cornerstone Chiropractic is that that is not always true. More than once a dog who couldn’t walk into the office on its own power walked out after a few treatments. The entire nervous system starts in the spine, one subluxation can cause a limp or lameness. If you are looking for solutions to keep your best friend comfortable chiropractic is a key part of their wellness, just like with people.


***Please bring xrays from your vet to the first appointment.

**Call ahead for a dog adjustment appointment, dogs are treated at the end of each shift.

*We ask that all dogs be on leash in the office.